Client Testimonials

We are gratified and humbled by the trust placed in us. Comments like these make our day!

Many people have advised me to manage my energy better, not just my time. While this is great advice, I finally found someone who helped me chart a way to do it.

Over the past 5 months, I’ve been working on my personal and professional development with my coach, Anjani Gandhi. I was introduced to Anjani as part of my Stoa program, and I urge everyone to find a coach like her. Not only has she helped me understand my goals better, but she has also helped me identify my shortcomings, strengths, and risk appetite. This has enabled me to make many unexpectedly good decisions over these months.

Thank you, Anjani, for all the support and guidance, and for constantly providing positive reinforcement. I look forward to more sessions with you.

Mentor or a coach, Anjani is both. I absolutely enjoy my sessions with her. She pushes me to think and picks up on points that can be very subtle but impactful.

Anjani consistently provided thought provoking exercises and reading assignments which further helped to refine my leadership & communication skills. I also like her holistic approach to my development personally and professionally. My wife thinks I am on medication of sorts because we actually talk.

For many years Anjani worked with our Group and she was extremely professional. She with her insights in coaching helped Unique to create a culture of respect and we owe her creation of meaningful HR department. She worked really hard at all times due to our Global requirements and created processes and procedures.

I would recommend her as an excellent Employee and above all. A life Coach who helped me grow as a person.

I have had 4 coaching sessions with Mr. Vimal Katiyar, each one of them being super beneficial in terms of identifying the roadblocks and letting me leverage my strengths to the fullest. He has a unique style of starting the sessions and addresses concerns throughout the discussion with profound patience and objectivity.

I have learnt something new in each session and I am thankful to him for his time and guidance.

The sole reason for anyone to enjoy work is Prashant Menon. A people centric person with hawk eye for analytics, process driven and the ability to see the big picture. Prashant listens to understand and empowered me to take decisions and build confidence with the team. He has the uncanny ability to quickly grasp the finer nuances of the issues and deliver firm decisions. He strikes a perfect balance of empathy and execution.

It’s been my good fortune to work with him at Exeltis and look forward to more opportunities to keep associating with Prashant both at a professional level as well as Life Coach.

I have worked with Anjani while strategic consultant at Unique Group. Together with Anjani we were able to create an organization structure to reflect the strategy we set and in particular making sure we have the right people at the place and position. It took a lot of work to prepare and communicate properly. Anjani demonstrated lots of creativity and agility to make it work. Still today we benefit from the work done.

Vimal is a thoroughly seasoned professional with whom I happened to work in close connection for more than 4 yrs. Post this he guided me as a Coach. Both during working with him and during coaching he was a great mentor and always a source for solutions. His persistence and systematic approach in guiding me has done a world of goodness for me personally and professionally.

He is one of those people whose acquaintance will definitely benefit whoever gets associated to him. Such clear is his thought process that it helps you to look with clear perspective of unclear things in life. I really benefited from it and will still stand to benefit.

I know Prashant for over last year and half. He is one of the most prolific Pharmaceutical professional, I have ever come across, with greater general management skills. His belief in inclusive management goes a long way in making all functions in the organization feel very close to the greater common objective of higher success with greater humility. His empathetic listening and involvement made each meeting very productive.

He has admirable coaching skills, which are sharpened by his involvement in the academia too. This coupled with pleasant personality makes it easier for his team to relate to him as a Mentor. I wish him all the success in all his endeavors.

Initially I didn’t understand the need for an executive coach and when I was asked to sign up, I went with an exploratory mind. Anjani gave me a different point of view. During my conversations I was forced to make some difficult decisions, Anjani steered me through these decisions and helped me find clarity of thought.

My only regret is, I wish I had found Anjani earlier in my career.