In Japan, the word bento originated from a slang term, meaning “convenient” or “convenience”. Bento boxes can be found globally, and usually include a single-portion take-out or home-cooked meal of Japanese origin. It is multitude of small elements that come together to create a wholesome meal.

The bento philosophy informs our approach to Coaching. We are on a mission to make Coaching convenient. 

Coaching made convenient


We believe Coaching works. We believe that learning is a Continuous process. We believe in building robust teams and processes.

At Bento Coach we Connect Bite-sized concepts and Insightful reflections in a Bespoke program to facilitate Continuous learning.


Our Values

In the English language, a semicolon is most commonly used to link in a single sentence, two independent clauses that are closely related in thought.

In the work place conflict arises when there is a disconnect –  between individuals & teams, between personal goals & an organization’s mission.

At Bento Coach we strive to Connect individuals & teams, their individual purpose and the organizational goals.


Bento is Bite-sized.  We create simple, easy-to-use, modular learning solutions. Our Coaching philosophy is to break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand, bite-sized pieces of information.


Bento is Insightful. We partner with you in thought provoking and creative ways to facilitate self-reflection and maximize potential. We do this by drawing upon a multitude of pedagogy and coaching techniques.


Bento is Bespoke. For us, it’s all about YOU! There is no standard, one-size-fits-all program. We create custom workshops & training sessions based on your requirements AND in partnership with you.


Bento is Continuous. We believe that learning is a lifelong, continuous process. There are no epiphanies here. Instead we focus on helping you create a process, for you & your team, that is consistent, sustainable and ongoing.

Our Credentials

We are a team of highly motivated individuals with a combined work experience of 80+ years in diverse industries. Between us we have 20,000+ hours of Coaching experience. 

We believe in diversity & inclusion. We bring a range of tools & methodologies to our Coaching practice.

Our personal experience in operations, leading teams & coaching C-suite executives inspires us to take a hands-on approach to Coaching. The guidance we provide has been tried & tested in real-life work scenarios.

Partners & CLIENTS

We make coaching convenient!

Client Testimonials

Over the past 5 months, I've been working on my personal and professional development with my coach, Anjani Gandhi...I urge everyone to find a coach like her.