Prashant Menon | The Bento Coach

Prashant Menon

Co-founder, Leadership, Executive & Team Coach

Prashant brings his extensive C-Suite corporate experience to the forefront in his Leadership, Executive and Team coaching engagements. His years of managing multi-cultural, multi-functional leaders and teams holds in good stead, maximizing the experience his clients look forward in every session.

The ability to facilitate someone navigate their life and career is an incredibly rewarding experience for Prashant. He brings a sense of integrity and humility to all his coaching sessions. He believes in ‘being authentic’ in his approach to clients and focusses on ‘building a strategic toolkit’ for each client, based on their areas of growth.

When he is not coaching clients, Prashant is actively consulting companies to move to the next level. He loves reading business & management magazines, networking, watching sports and spending time with his family. His favorite superhero is Superman for his ability to “get a holistic view of issues from up above and dive deep down to help resolve”.