Enabling GROWTH in a post pandemic world

If we are growing, we are always going to be out of our comfort zone. John C. Maxwell Tweet I don’t know about you, but the past two years have been anything but comfortable. In the past two years everything that we understood about organization culture, the role of technology, the importance of human connection, […]

The Flying Chalk

Pictures with chalk on chalkboard spelling out RESPECT

RESPECT: to have due regard for someone’s feelings, wishes, or rights. As a coach I am often asked “how can I work with someone I don’t respect?”. Surprisingly, the answer comes from the most unexpected sources. Today morning my 9YO was in a virtual classroom. While waiting for the session to start, she was exchanging […]

Ethics in Delegation

Ethics in Delegation | bentocoach.com

Delegation is an issue of respect and how much we respect those that are under us on our team. Dr. Hans Finzel Tweet A single day consists of 86,400 seconds, 1,440 minutes, and 24 hours. That seems like a long time for a human to be productive, and yet it feels like we are always […]


Picture with diverse cities | bentocoach.com

I am often asked where are you from?A question with an answer long drawn.The place my dad was born is no longer a part of my country,The place my mum was born is not for me… The place(s) I grew up, are a few too many,Home is not the place where I did my university.Home […]