Anjani Gandhi Mehra | The Bento Coach

Anjani Gandhi

Founder, Executive Leadership & LEGO Play Coach

Anjani has lead multi-cultural, multi-lingual HR teams in various industries and across continents. For her, HR & Coaching have always gone hand-in-hand.

She is driven by the urge to help her clients find their calling – at work and in life. She is committed to supporting people find opportunities and build a life of their choice. She finds coaching immensely gratifying & wishes she had a Coach much earlier in her career.  

She believes that determination & attitude will take you places. When she is not coaching, Anjani is an aspiring artist – drawing, crafting, writing poetry. She is currently reading The LSP Method by Michael Freane. Her favorite cartoon is Calvin & Hobbes because “it’s easy, matter-of-fact and non-judgmental”.